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Environmental management and sustainability policy


The Department of Justice and Regulation recognises that environmental management should minimise impacts on the environment and reduce resource use to meet community, stakeholder, and employee expectations.

The department’s involvement with a large number of sites, projects, employees and clients across Victoria gives it significant scope to positively manage its environmental performance for the state and community.


1.1    The Department of Justice and Regulation is committed to minimising the environmental impacts associated with its business and operations to the greatest extent possible and effectively managing the consequences and risks of changing environmental circumstances.

1.2    The department aims to reduce resource use in the areas of energy, water, waste, paper and transport, and prevent pollution by:

  • reducing, reusing and recycling where possible
  • increasing environmental efficiencies in our built environment and business processes
  • choosing to purchase products and services that are environmentally responsible where feasible, taking into consideration resource use, supply chain impacts, lifetime use and disposal
  • facilitating the reduction of vehicle fuel use for work transport purposes and encouraging staff to use lower fuel transport methods for commuting.

1.3    The department will seek to be prepared for the potential effects of anticipated increases in extreme weather events in Victoria. The department’s greenhouse gas emissions will be managed through efficiencies in energy and transport.

1.4    To ensure effective environmental management, the department will:

  • Identify the environmental impacts and risks associated with its operations and seek to integrate environmental management into all business functions and processes, including operations.
  • Maintain and implement a structured, externally reviewed and audited Environmental Management System that incorporates relevant Victorian Government policy, obligations and legal requirements as a minimum.
  • Regularly set environmental objectives, actions and targets for performance through yearly department-wide and region-specific environmental action plans.
  • Regularly monitor, review, and report on environmental indicators, and strive for continual improvement.
  • Encourage staff behaviour to meet the department’s commitment to environmental management and the Environmental Management System.


2.1    All employees are responsible to avoid or minimise the environmental impacts of their day-to-day work. To do this staff must:

  • Manage the use of resources such as water, energy, and paper in their work practices.
  • Seek opportunities in work processes and the built environment to improve environmental performance or outcomes
  • Take into account environment impacts, risks and opportunities when making decisions that involve new resources or potential environmental effects.
  • Participate in relevant environmental consultation and training.

2.2    The department’s environment team is responsible for providing information, advice and assistance in the implementation of this policy.

2.3    The Environment Committee is responsible for overseeing the department’s environmental program and ensuring that initiatives are supported in each departmental area.


This policy applies to all Department of Justice and Regulation employees, including contractors and the administrative function within Ministers’ Offices. Employees of independent statutory entities (as described in the Environmental Management System) are not governed by this policy except where they are co-located in Department of Justice and Regulation sites.

Policy status

Previous versions of this policy were endorsed in February 2007 and July 2009.
This revision endorsed in September 2012.

This policy is issued under the authority of the Secretary, Department of Justice and Regulation. It is to be reviewed and updated as required by the Built Environment and Business Sustainability unit. The Manager, Environment, is responsible for this policy.

Further information

For further information, please contact the Environment Manager at


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