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Koori employment

The department has a comprehensive Koori Employment Strategy and prides itself on its commitment and achievements in increasing Koori employment across all divisions and business units.  The department recognises the importance of diversity and the value that Koories bring to the workplace. The department has over 130 Koori employees in a range of diverse roles including management, policy development, projects, administration and direct service delivery roles in both Melbourne CBD and regional Victoria.

In April 2012, Koori employees represented 1.78 per cent of the department’s total workforce. Building further on its success, the department has committed to a Koori employment target of 2.5 per cent by 2015.

The Koori Employment Strategy outlines four key action areas in order to grow, develop and retain the department’s Koori workforce including:

  • Capacity Building and Pathways
  • Community Engagement and Recruitment
  • Career Development and Retention
  • Koori Friendly Workplace

Some of the initiatives within the Koori Employment Strategy include:

Gateways to Justice

This program strives to encourage, motivate and inspire Koories to seek career opportunities in justice by raising awareness of the variety of career opportunities within the department, Justice agencies, and the broader justice system. A key component is the development of an annual calendar featuring the work of Koori artists and promoting Koori initiatives across the Department of Justice and Justice agencies. Each year the Gateways calendar recognises and celebrates the many contributions of Koori and non-Koori staff working to provide responsive and inclusive services and programs to the Koori community.

Koori Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (KGRADS)

The Koori Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (KGRADS) is an employment program offered by the Department of Justice and Regulation to Koori graduates who have completed their degree or are in the final year of their studies.

The objective of this program is to make the transition to a career within the department more accessible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates. Emphasis is placed on investing in the graduates’ professional development and retaining them in fulfilling, successful careers.

This program mirrors the VPS GRADS, in that graduates participate in three rotations and a structured graduate learning and development program; however, the recruitment process is tailored to ensure cultural sensitivities are catered for and graduates will have access to additional networking opportunities and peer support through the department’s Koori Staff Network (KSN).

If you would like more information please contact the employment program team via email

Koori Tertiary Scholarships

The Department of Justice Koori Tertiary Scholarship Program provides financial support for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to undertake full time studies in a justice related field.

Indigenous Cadetship Program

The Indigenous Cadetship Program links Indigenous tertiary students with justice employers in a cadetship arrangements to undertake full-time study and paid work experience placements. The program is supported by funding from the Commonwealth Government under its National Indigenous Cadetship Support Program, administered by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

A number of cadetships are available at any one time. Eligibility criteria and Application Forms are available upon request.

Youth Employment Scheme

The Youth Employment Scheme (traineeship), is a whole of Government initiative that provides young people with traineeships and apprenticeships across the Victorian Public Service. This program provides a pathway for Koori youth into the VPS through a formal traineeship. A standard business administration traineeship is a full time 12-month traineeship that consists of a four-day working week and one day training.  Upon successful completion, the trainees receive an accredited Certificate III qualification and meaningful work experience.  

Koori Prison Officer Program

This program aims to increase the representation of Koories as prison officers across Corrections Victoria.  This program has a Koori-specific attraction campaign; however, Koori candidates are required to successfully complete all stages of the recruitment process to obtain a career as a prison officer with Corrections Victoria.

The department also encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for Community Correctional Services roles.

For more information about all of these roles and the recruitment process visit the Corrections Jobs website (External link) website or contact the Koori Employment Team.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander flags

The department acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present.