Every year, as the summer heats up, the Play it Safe by the Water campaign gets underway, and it has done for 20 years.

The campaign was launched in late 1998 following a tragic event on 8 January that year, where four children drowned while swimming at Gunnamatta Beach.

During the heat it is fun to keep cool in the water with friends and family, and the campaign aims to reduce drowning incidents by raising awareness of how Victorians can enjoy our waterways safely.

Play it Safe by the Water uses simple messages such as looking out for your mates when they're swimming, especially if they've been drinking. It reminds people that as they get older, they may not be the strong swimmer they once were, and always emphasises the importance of watching your kids when they're near water - 20 seconds is all it takes for a child to drown. 

As we head into another summer, keep your eye out for this campaign, or you can check it out at the Play it Safe by the Water website (External link)