The Department of Justice and Community Safety’s 2020 edition of AccessAbility Day has been a great success as we welcomed 21 participants in a day of hands-on job shadowing.

Working in conjunction with Disability Employment Services providers (DES) Wise Employment, Vision Australia and MatchWorks, on Thursday 26 November, teams from across the department opened their doors and online meetings to job seekers who are registered with DES providers from all around the state, showcasing the vital work we do.

For the participants, it was a job shadowing opportunity for those with disability to try a day in a workplace to see if it aligns with their career interests.

Participants were hosted across the department, including the Office of the Public Advocate, Justice Policy and Legislation, People and Workplace Services, as well as some of our front-line facilities at Beechworth Correctional Centre, Dhurringile Correctional Centre and Parkville Youth Justice Precinct.

The participants clearly enjoyed themselves, with many wanting to share their feedback and positive experiences with department. One participant, Antony said “Today was amazing! So informative and eye-opening, with the diversity of everything involved. I could have happily had another day!”

Yvette agreed, “Everyone was really helpful, and knowledgeable. I wish we had more time! I wish it could go on an extra day… I had no idea there were so many people/teams working together!”

Gregor went on to say it was “A great experience to have a look at what DJCS does. Now I know how it ties in with what I’m doing & studying at the moment!”

 Speaking on the day, Head of GradWISE at Wise Employment, Edward Osano said “powerful initiatives like AccessAbility Day is invaluable for helping create workplace confidence”.

Ivan Calder, the Assistant Commissioner of Custodial Operations, was also pleased with the success and value of the day, ““Thanks for coordinating AccessAbility day! The teams are as enriched by the day as the participants.”

The department would like to thank the hosts, participants and Disability Employment Services providers for their ongoing support and cooperation in making this AccessAbility Day 2020 such a great success!