Prison officers who enjoy their work most:

  • are motivated by the opportunity to serve the community
  • have a real enthusiasm for seeing people succeed
  • are naturally patient, positive and empathetic
  • are team players who consistently work to the best of their ability.

Prison officers come from a wide range of backgrounds

All life experiences are highly valued in the prison officer role.

Every person has the potential to make a good prison officer, particularly those with:

  • life experience such as travel, education, volunteering, parenting and working
  • customer service experience
  • experience as a teacher, leader, coach or mentor
  • team player with experience working as part of a group.

Video transcript: Just go for it!

Susan, Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“Life experience is very important to becoming a prison officer.”

Darrin, Supervisor, Corrections Victoria:

“People with a different variety of life skills, whether they be previous jobs that they've had, previous positions they’ve had.”


“Getting married, having children, getting divorced, dealing with accidents, injuries, changing jobs, being unemployed, a whole range of things. Just gaining knowledge and understanding from all these experiences and learning how to cope with all the challenges that life throws at you.”

Addie, Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“We have lots of different people from lots of different backgrounds.”

Michael, Senior Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“Before becoming a prison officer I worked in security.”

Tracey, Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“I actually worked in human resources.”

Claire, Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“I've been a chef for many years. I've had my own business.”

Jarrad, Senior Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“I completed my teaching degree. I decided that I'd had enough of that.”

Abuk, Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“I worked in a legal firm as a legal assistant.”


“I was working in admin for many years.”

Ashley, Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“I spent a decade in community health.”

Amanda, Prison Officer, Corrections Victoria:

“I worked on a slaughter farm. I also picked grapes.”

Craig, Senior Industry Officer, Corrections Victoria

“I was a baker and a pastry cook.”


“I was 15 years in a private fire protection company.”


“I was a jeweller and a yoga teacher. You are really likely to find that your skill set or your character or your traits will be suited to an aspect of our work here.”


“The biggest tool that you can bring into the job is life skills.”


“So if you are thinking about applying, every single one of us have life experiences and life skills that can be applied into the prison system. There’s so much opportunity. And I would just encourage you just do it, just go for it.”

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