The department's Corporate Plan 2018-2022 sets out what the department will deliver over the next four years. 

Please note that prior to January 2019, the department was known as the Department of Justice and Regulation.

Whole of department priorities

  • Implement AJA4 and play a leading role towards self-determination.
  • Continue to implement recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.
  • Continue to respond to growth and reform across the criminal justice system.
  • Continue support for regional service delivery and community partnerships.
  • Focus on the full roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Criminal justice

Ensure community safety through policing, law enforcement and prevention activities

  • Deliver initiatives set out in the Community Safety Statement 2017 and Community Safety Statement 2018–19 in collaboration with Victoria Police.
  • Engage with the community and stakeholders to design and implement community crime prevention grants and programs.

A fair and accessible criminal justice system that supports a just society based on the rule of law

  • Ensure legal assistance services meet the needs of the community.
  • Improve Commonwealth funding arrangements for legal assistance services in Victoria.
  • Continue to modernise the infringement system.
  • Monitor impacts of bail law reforms.
  • Continue counter-terrorism reform in collaboration with the Commonwealth and other jurisdictions.
  • Increase support for victims of crime.

Effective management of prisoners and offenders and provision of opportunities for rehabilitation and reparation

Building a sustainable system

  • Planning to meet future demand for correctional services.
  • Expand and improve prison infrastructure.
  • Embed reforms in Community Correctional Services.

Reducing reoffending

  • Reduce reoffending and harm to the community.
  • Improve access to mental health services.
  • Expand delivery of treatments for people addicted to alcohol and other drugs.
  • Support Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing.

Managing risk—safety and security

  • Implement the serious offender (Harper Review) reforms to the post-sentence scheme.

Delivering public value

  • Continue to drive sustainability and efficiency of the correctional system.

Effective supervision of young offenders through the provision of youth justice services promoting rehabilitation

  • Prevent children and young people from coming into contact with youth justice through early intervention and minimise the contact of low risk offenders, where appropriate.
  • Youth offending is reduced and young people’s rehabilitation is promoted to improve community safety.
  • Ensure secure, fit-for-purpose custodial environments that promote the rehabilitation of children and young people.
  • Invest in a highly skilled workforce, strong system leadership with accountability for outcomes and performance, and contemporary facilities.

Civil justice

A fair and accessible civil justice system that supports a just society with increased confidence and equality in the Victorian community

An effective and efficient Victorian system of justice in which the public has confidence, including dispute prevention, early intervention and integrated, accessible dispute resolution

  • Implement Access to Justice Review recommendations supported by the government.
  • Review the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) operational model including implementation of appropriate changes and online initiatives.
  • Continue to foster interconnection with organisations involved in dispute resolution.
  • Support for the courts and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).
  • Develop new models of therapeutic justice.

A secure, accessible and responsive civil registration scheme

  • Improve access, responsiveness and self-sufficiency of the civil registration scheme.
  • Deliver culturally sensitive services to the Aboriginal community.

Enhanced cultural and economic opportunities for Aboriginal Victorians

  • Reach agreements under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010.
  • Enhance cultural and economic outcomes for traditional owners across Victoria by implementing settlements under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010.

Civil laws in Victoria that are just, protective of individual rights, contemporary and efficient

  • Modernise guardianship and administration laws.
  • Work with the Office of the Public Advocate to ensure delivery of services and programs.
  • Explore options to enhance protections against elder abuse.
  • Implement program of civil justice reform.
  • Embed a human rights culture in the Victorian Public Sector (VPS).

Emergency management

Reduce the impact of, and consequences from, natural disasters and other emergencies on people, infrastructure, the economy and environment

Leading change—develop and implement emergency management policy and reform and deliver innovative community focused outcomes

  • Implement the Community Resilience Framework for Emergency Management.
  • Develop and implement the Victorian Fire Management Strategy.
  • Progress initiatives to support volunteers and volunteering.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion.

Stewardship—guides and influences the emergency management sector, government and communities to improve practice and sustain our collective capability

  • Continue to implement the Critical Infrastructure Strategy.
  • Emergency management planning reforms.
  • Resilient Recovery Strategy.
  • Victorian Emergency Management Institute launch and implementation.

System delivery—drives integration across emergency mitigation, response, recovery, community information, resilience, connection and consequence management

  • Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan.
  • Marine Search and Rescue.
  • Continue to deliver the Emergency Management Operational Communications Program.
  • Impact Assessment Model.

High-performing organisation that is resilient, inclusive and capable of delivering on our obligations and aspirations

  • Emergency Management Victoria’s (EMV) plan for our people and culture.
  • Whole of Victorian Government multilateral agreement on emergency management workforce.


A fair marketplace for Victorian consumers and businesses with responsible and sustainable liquor, gambling and racing sectors

Consumer protection

  • A fair and safe rental market for Victorians.
  • Victorians exercise their consumer rights.
  • Businesses comply with consumer laws.
  • Empower Victorians to resolve their domestic building disputes.

Liquor, gaming and racing

  • Gambling Licences Program.
  • Review the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.
  • Strengthen the governance arrangements for racing integrity and reform the racing appeals and disciplinary scheme.


  • Assure Victoria’s emergency management arrangements.
  • Provide assurance for adult and youth correctional services.
  • Support the Community Safety Trustee.
  • Support the Post Sentence Authority.

Corporate strategies

  • Focus on our people.
  • Support technology as a catalyst for service delivery innovation and productivity.
  • Drive transformation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate and service delivery functions.
Department of Justice and Regulation
Department of Justice and Regulation
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