In 2014, the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (the Act) was amended to facilitate the collection of wholesale liquor transactions in Victoria. Regulations prescribing what information was to be provided to the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) by licensees came into operation on 1 July 2015.

An exemption from these reporting requirements was put in place for independent producers that produced less than:

  • 8,750 litres of spirits
  • 28,500 litres of wine
  • 100,000 litres of cider
  • 100,000 litres of beer in a financial year.

Below is the data submitted to the VGCCC for each respective financial year. The data received has been broken down by:

  • the Local Government Area (LGA) in which the liquor was sold (that is to retailers in each LGA)
  • the liquor type that was sold
  • the volume of liquor that was sold.

While the Department of Justice and Community Services makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of wholesale liquor data, some errors may be present and the data is subject to revision.

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