Dhurringile Prison (Dhurringile) is a minimum-security men’s prison based on a working farm in North East Victoria that specialises as a transition facility for prisoners completing their sentence.

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The facility provides a number of programs and operates several industries including, metal fabrication, woodworking, horticulture, maintenance and gardening and a fully operational commercial dairy.


Video transcript - Become a prison officer at Dhurringhile Prison

Video: Aerial view of Dhurringile Prison and surrounding countryside followed by images of the grounds and historic main building.

Colin, General Manager, Dhurringile Prison:

“Dhurringile Prison is a minimum security correctional facility in the north-east of Victoria. It’s located about 20 minutes out of Shepparton and 2 hours from Melbourne.”

“We’re a transitional prison, which means prisoners here are serving the final portion of their sentence and are about to return home.”

Video: Views of Dhurringile prison including accommodation and a prisoner operating a tractor.

Lana, Senior Prison Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“Our end goal is to reduce reoffending. We don’t want to see the same men coming back through again, committing crimes.”

“There are many challenges coming out of prison back into the world and we’re here to try to make that easier, just to give them the best chance of succeeding.”

“This is a very different facility from a maximum security prison. For one, we’re based in an open camp and we’re trying to simulate the real world as much and the prisoners are encouraged to develop the skills they’ll need when they’re back home.

“So, we have shops where they can buy their own supplies with their own money. We have self-catered units where they live with others and cook for themselves. There are many opportunities to be escorted out into the community for appointments and to be involved in programs that we run here.”

Video: Staff member serving prisoner at shop

Gemma, Programs Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“The programs are central to what we are trying to achieve. We’ve got the Life Skills Program, which helps these men to improve their social skills and their emotional health, as well as getting them prepared for the workforce.”

Video: Prisoners using computers

“We also have financial and gambling counselling, the Real Men Make Great Dads parenting course and other self-improvement sessions. Making a contribution to our community is important to us so we run many programs that directly benefit locals.”

Video: Programs Officers sitting at table counselling prisoner

“We have a swimming program where the men help out with the Goulburn Valley disability clients, we’re involved in several charity runs and we also regularly assist residents of a nearby nursing home.”

Video: Aerial view of swimming pool

“We also run a dairy that produces almost 7000 litres of milk a day. It’s great knowing that we’re doing some real good for people in the region.”

Video: Cattle grazing in a paddock.

Lana, Senior Prison Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“This isn’t always a job for thrill-seekers, but it’s immensely rewarding to see the effects the programs and our case management work can have on the men. We have seen real positive shifts in thinking, but equally, not everyone fits into that category.”

Tracy, Aboriginal Wellbeing Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“As we work so closely with the men you will encounter difficult individuals, people that you don’t see eye-to-eye with. That’s why patience, empathy and compassion are so important. You can’t be a quick-to-judge sort of character to be a great prison officer. You’ve got to believe rehabilitation is possible and that everyone has something good to give and you might surprise yourself with the results you get.”

Video: Prison officer outside talking with prisoner.

Steve, Prison Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“There are not required qualifications to become a prison officer. We run a thorough training course prior to commencement. We’ve had ex-teachers, tradies, stay-at-home parents, people from hospitality, manufacturing and retail.”

Colin, General Manager, Dhurringile Prison:

“So, we already have many female officers, but we’re still hoping to increase the numbers. We’ve set up a women’s leadership program to support and develop women into senior management positions. So, women know their talents and ideas are respected here.”

Video: A female prison officer and staff member walking and talking on prison grounds.

Joylene, Prison Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“Dhurringile's workforce is not stagnant. There are many opportunities for staff here who want and deserve them. There are secondments, higher duty arrangements and promotions regularly available.”

“I started here at Dhurringile two years ago, as every officer does, going through squad. We had 8 weeks of training and then we go out into the prison.”

“I recently was accepted into the Officer Development Program which can often lead to senior positions. It will help me grow confidence and leadership skills and I'm really enjoying it.”

Tracy, Aboriginal Wellbeing Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“I'm the Aboriginal Wellbeing Officer. I provide ongoing support and advocate for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners. We have several Aboriginal prison officers here. We'd love more.”

“There's lots of opportunities to move around. I've been within the department for 16 years and I love my job.”

Jesse, Prison Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“There's many things to do in the Hume region. Football, netball, through to walking, fishing, bike riding. We've got the Goulburn River close by which is good for camping. There's a lot of peace and quiet, a lot of time to think. It's much more relaxed than living in a big city.”

Video: Netball game, people mountain bike riding and riding on a bike path by the river, a person fishing

Gemma, Programs Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“Dhurringile is right near Shepparton, it's a regional city. It has everything you need when it comes to shopping and dining. There are wonderful wineries dotted all over the north-east. We have a stack of festivals that call in here every year.”

Video: Shepparton shops, internal view of a café, vineyards and music festival at night.

Shannon, Senior Prison Officer, Dhurringile Prison:

“So, if you're thinking about applying, just throw your hat in and give it your best shot. I'm stoked I made the career change. The job has given me so much more than I could have imagined. So if you want to do something positive for your community and make the state safer becoming a prison officer at Dhurringile is a brilliant opportunity.”

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