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Courts and tribunals


Victoria's courts and tribunals interpret the law, decide who is right or wrong in a dispute and sentence or impose penalties on those who have broken the law.

The three main courts operating in Victoria are the Supreme Court, the County Court, and Magistrates' Court. There are also a number of specialised courts, including the Children's Court, the Coroners Court and the Koori Court.

Tribunals are usually less formal than courts and resolve a broad range of disputes, such as arguments between consumers and businesses or between landlords and tenants as well as claims such as immigration or social security disputes.

Tribunals that operate in Victoria include Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT).

Visit the individual court and tribunal websites listed for specific information about each one.




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Supreme Court of Victoria

The superior court in Victoria is divided into two divisions: the Court of Appeal and the Trial Division

County Court of Victoria

Intermediate trial court with civil and criminal jurisdictions

Magistrates' Court of Victoria

Deals with civil and criminal cases, sits at 52 locations and is the busiest court in Victoria

Children's Court of Victoria

Deals with matters relating to children and young people and is comprised of a specialist court with two divisions

Coroners Court of Victoria

Investigates certain categories of death called 'reportable deaths'

Koori Court

A division of the Magistrates’ Court, the County Court and the Children's Court of Victoria

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal

Provides financial assistance to the victims of any violent crimes committed in Victoria

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Hears and determines civil, administrative and human rights disputes

Coronial Council

Provides advice to the Attorney-General on matters of importance to the coronial system in Victoria

Municipal Electoral Tribunal

These tribunals consider disputes arising from local government elections and are always governed by a magistrate

Judicial College of Victoria

Provides education and publications for the Victorian judiciary

Sentencing Advisory Council

Informs, educates and advises the government and the community on sentencing issues

Judicial Commission Victoria

An independent body established to investigate complaints about judicial officers and VCAT members

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