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Legal assistance

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If you need legal assistance, there are a number of options available to you including assistance from community organisations, government-funded services and the private sector. 

If you have a legal problem, or want to find out information about the law, Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) – an agency of the department – may be able to help. VLA offers free advice on what you may need to do to solve your legal problem, although it does not give legal advice on all matters.

For those who face economic or social disadvantage, the Federation of Community Legal Centres can point you to a free local service.

Office of the Public Advocate provides advice on topics affecting people with a disability, and the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service provides free legal advice to the Koori community.

If you need to find a lawyer, the Law Institute of Victoria can refer you to member solicitors who are practising in your relevant area of law.

In some cases, issues can be resolved out of court. The Dispute Settlement Centre – another agency of the department – offers free advice on disagreements, particularly between neighbours or other individuals.

Who's involved

Victoria Legal Aid

Helps people with legal problems, protects the rights of Victorians and represents those who need it most

Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria

Provides free legal services to the public via 51 community legal centres

Law Institute Victoria

Membership organisation for the legal profession in Victoria

PILCH - Public Interest Law Clearing House

Provides pro bono legal services to marginalised and disadvantaged people

Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria

Offers a free and confidential dispute resolution service

Office of the Public Advocate

Independent statutory body that works to promote and protect the rights of people who have a disability or mental illness

Victoria Law Foundation

Helps Victorians understand the law and Victoria's legal system

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

Provides legal advice and representation to the Koori community

Legal Practitioners' Liability Committee

Provides professional indemnity insurance to Victorian legal practices

Victims Support Agency

Offers counselling and practical assistance to victims of violent crime

Honorary Justice Office

Appoints and manages Justices of the Peace and bail justices

Appeal Costs Board

Administers claims to reimburse parties for their legal costs incurred as a result of circumstances beyond their control

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Provides information and advice about consumer affairs to consumers and businesses

Legal Services Board

Independent statutory authority that regulates the legal profession in Victoria

Legal Services Commissioner

Independent agency responsible for complaints against lawyers

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Everyday-Law. Helping Victorians understand the law

Where do I start? (External link)

Helps Victorians better understand the law and legal system by providing simple, easy to understand legal information in one spot

Victoria Legal Aid logo

Victoria Legal Aid (External link)

If you have a legal problem or want to find out about the law, Victoria Legal Aid can help you or refer you to someone who can

Federation of Community Legal Centres logo

Free legal services for those in need (External Link)

Community legal centres (CLCs) provide free and independent legal services to those who face economic and social disadvantage

The Law Handbook cover

The Law Handbook (External Link)

This comprehensive plain English guide to the law features contact details for legal and non-legal services, and a glossary of legal terms

Conflict, mediation, resolution

Resolving disputes out of court (External Link)

Get free and confidential advice about resolving disputes, such as neighbourhood disagreements, as an alternative to court

Office of the Public Advocate logo

Office of Public Advocate (External Link)

Office of the Public Advocate works to promote and protect the rights of people who have a disability or mental illness

Call centre worker answering a phone call

Support for victims of crime (External Link)

Get advice about keeping safe, your rights and entitlements, and where to get help if you're a victim of crime

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer (External link)

Victoria’s consumer affairs regulator helps Victorian consumers and businesses to be informed and responsible

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander flags

The department acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present.