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The Assets, Infrastructure and Major Projects (AIM) business unit resides within the Corporate, Governance and Support Division and is a specialist centre for the development and maintenance of all assets within the Justice and Community Safety portfolio. AIM is a results-driven organisation responsible for planning, maintaining and delivering infrastructure programs and projects on behalf of the department’s business units and statutory entities within the Justice and Community Safety portfolio.

AIM also facilitates asset management, strategic accommodation planning, environmental management and fleet management for the department.

Services provided by AIM include:

Asset Management – AIM leads the delivery of asset management services that support the strategic planning objectives of the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Major Projects – AIM is responsible for the planning, procurement of external resources to deliver major projects, reporting, management and support of major projects on behalf of other departmental business units and statutory entities within the Justice and Community Safety portfolio. AIM is currently responsible for the delivery of a range of major programs and projects, including construction of both new Youth and Adult correctional facilities across the state.

Emergency Services Infrastructure Authority (ESIA) – ESIA is responsible for improving the efficient, effective, timely and transparent delivery of built infrastructure projects to support emergency services in the critical work they do in protecting our community.

Property Management AIM undertakes various services to assist the department to source and maintain leased properties.

Environmental management – AIM is responsible for the usage of water, paper, energy, fleet emissions, waste management and environmental purchasing.

Fleet management – AIM delivers cost effective and compliant Fleet Management practice ensuring that business units are supported in the delivery of Operational Services to the Corporate Fleet.