About the Justice Working Group

The terms of reference for the LGBTI Justice Working Group in 2015-17 were to:

  • provide subject matter advice to the LGBTI Taskforce on the implementation of the government's LGBTI election commitments
  • provide subject matter advice to the LGBTI Taskforce on current and emerging LGBTI issues and on government policy to address these issues
  • provide advice on any other matters referred by the LGBTI Taskforce
  • develop a work plan in consultation with the LGBTI Taskforce.

The scope of the Justice Working Group included civil law, criminal law, youth justice, safer communities and corrections.


The Justice Working Group 2015-17 was co-chaired by Anna Brown and Harriet Shing MP. The other members were Liana Buchanan, Paul Kidd, Felicity Marlowe, Sally Goldner, Margot Fink, Tony Briffa and Paula Gerber.

The Justice Working Group was supported by the Department of Justice and Regulation.

A new LGBTI Justice Working Group was appointed at the end of 2017 and had its first meeting on 5 February 2018.