Victorian gaming venue staff must complete approved Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG) training.

RSG training provides gaming staff information and skills so they can provide gaming responsibly.

Gaming venue staff who need to complete the training

You must complete the approved RSG training if you are employed in a Victorian gaming venue and you:

  • work in the gaming machine area of a gaming venue, and
  • have more than incidental contact or interaction with players of gaming machines in the gaming machine area.

You must also complete the RSG training if you are a:

  • venue operator
  • nominee of a venue operator
  • holder of a gaming industry employee licence.

Training requirements for new gaming staff

You must complete two modules:

  • Module 1 - this module involves 2-3 hours learning online and must be completed within one month of starting work in a gaming venue. You can complete the module before starting work if you choose.
  • Module 2 - this module is delivered in gaming venues within six months of starting work in a gaming venue. We recommend that you complete this module after starting work.

You do not need to:

  • complete training before beginning work or as a condition of securing a new job
  • pay for the training. It is provided free of charge.

RSG refresher training

New responsible service of gaming (RSG) refresher training is currently being developed and will commence in 2020. The starting date has not yet been confirmed and more information will be available soon.

If you have completed Module 1 and Module 2, you do not need to complete any further training until the new RSG refresher training commences in 2020.

Refresher training will be made up of two modules:

  • Module 3 - the refresher online module (2-3 hours learning online).
  • Module 4 - the refresher face-to-face module (delivered in gaming venues).

The RSG refresher training will:

  • be provided free of charge
  • need to be completed within three years of completing Module 2 and every three years thereafter.

If you completed the Module 2 in the first half of 2017, you will be allowed more time to complete the refresher training modules.

You will not be able to repeat Module 1 and Module 2 as your refresher training.

Expired RSG certificates

If you completed RSG training in Victoria before 1 January 2017, your RSG certificate is now expired. You will need to complete Module 1 and Module 2 to meet your RSG training requirements for Victoria. 

RSG training in other states or territories

The approved RSG training in Victoria is different to training provided in other states.

For this reason, you must complete the approved Victorian RSG training even if you have completed training in other states. This includes the nationally accredited SITHGAM compliant training provided by some Registered Training Organisations.

Victorian RSG training is valid only in Victoria. If you wish to work in a gaming venue in another state, you will need to complete training in that state.

Your RSG training account

Your account is the place where you can manage your RSG training records and get certificates for all completed training.

To set up your personal RSG training account:

If you forget your RSG training account password, you can follow the links on the RSG website to reset your password. An email will be sent to your registered email address with a link to reset your password.

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to register your RSG training account, please contact the RSG Training Helpline on 1300 300 635.

How to complete RSG courses

Online modules

Once you have set up your account, you can access the online training modules (Module 1 and Module 3) via your account.

It is recommended that you access the online modules on a desk-top or laptop computer and not on a mobile phone or tablet. The modules are best accessed through Google Chrome and you should make sure that cookies, pop-ups and Javascript are all enabled.

Face-to-face modules

Sessions for face-to-face modules (Module 2 and Module 4) are organised by venue operators. They are provided free of charge in the venue.

We recommend that you:

  • complete the online module before the face-to-face training
  • bring your online module certificate of completion to the session.

RSG certificates

For copies of certificates for all completed RSG training modules, log into your RSG training account at (External link)

After completing a face-to-face training module, you will need to log into your account to generate your certificate of completion for the face-to-face training module.

Changing your name on your certificates

You can change the name on your RSG certificates by logging into your RSG training account and updating your user profile.

Once you update your user profile, you can generate copies of your RSG certificates with your new name.

Gaming industry employee licence

RSG training is different to a gaming industry employee licence.

Certain employees of Victorian gaming venues are required to hold a gaming industry employee licence.

You are only required to hold a gaming industry employee licence if you are employed by a gaming venue operator to:

  • perform any task that requires access to the logic area* of a gaming machine at the venue
  • possess, or issue to other persons holding a gaming industry employee's licence, keys that unlock the logic area of a gaming machine at the gaming venue
  • perform any task that requires access to a prescribed restricted monitoring component at the gaming venue, i.e. access a Jackpot Interface Board or a Slot Machine Interface Board
  • supervise any person carrying out any of the duties referred to above.

*The logic area is a secondary secure area within a gaming machine that contains the logic board associated with the gaming machine’s operations.

You are not required to hold a gaming industry employee licence if you only access the internal features of a gaming machine (i.e. open the gaming machine), but do not access to the logic area.  For example, you do not require a gaming industry employee licence to open the gaming machine to empty the cash hopper.

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation issues gaming industry employee licences. Information on gaming industry employee licences is available on the commission’s website (External link) 

Information for venue operators

Venue operator responsibilities

As a venue operator, you must make sure that any employee who needs to complete RSG training does so.

You must make sure any new employee who has not previously undertaken RSG training completes:

  • Module 1 within one month of starting employment
  • Module 2 within six months of employment.

Employees who have previously undertaken RSG training prior to 1 January 2017 must complete Module 1 and Module 2. They have three years from the date that they completed their previous training.

Keeping a record of employee training

You must keep a record of employees’ completion of RSG training. This may be inspected by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

You can ask employees for copies of their RSG certificates of completion to make sure they have completed their training. They are available to employees on their RSG training account.

You can also do an RSG certificate check on the RSG website (External link) You will need the unique code printed on the employee’s certificate of completion.

Face-to-face training modules

Module 2 and Module 4 are provided face-to-face by Venue Support Workers.

A venue support worker in your area can conduct face-to-face RSG training for your staff in your venue. It is provided free of charge. Please make sure that there is a suitable space available in your venue for the training.

You can find information about how to organise a face-to-face training session on the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation website (External link)

Preparing for the new RSG refresher training

Venue operators should review their record of when employees completed Module 2 and identify staff who will need to complete RSG refresher training in 2020.

Once the new refresher training modules are available, venue operators should:

  • make sure their staff know about the new requirements
  • organise face-to-face training for staff who need to do it.

Contact details

If you have any questions relating to the RSG training, please contact the RSG training helpline on 1300 300 635 or email (External link)

If you have any questions relating to Gaming Industry Employee licences, please contact the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation on 1300 182 457.

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Responsible Service of Gaming training:

RSG Training Helpline Phone 1300 300 635 Email  (External link)

Gaming Industry Employee licences: 

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation Phone 1300 182 457