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You can receive the records of your child's adoption.

The information available are the records held by the adoption agency and the records from the Court that made the adoption order.

On 25 October 2012, the Victorian parliament formally acknowledged that many thousands of Victorian babies were taken from their parents, without informed consent, and that this loss caused immense grief.

Fathers who gave up their children for adoption, those whose babies were taken without informed consent and those who may not have known of the birth of a child at the time can apply for information about their adult adopted children. 

While adult adopted people have had access to identifying information about their parents since 1984, legislative changes in 2013 also allow fathers to obtain identifying information about their adult adopted children.

Eligibility for adoption information 

You can request adoption information if you are recognised as the father under the Adoption Act 1984 (External link).

You are recognised as the father if you: 

If you are not recognised as the father, you can apply to Adoption Information Services to investigate. 

If you are not on the adopted person’s birth certificate, you cannot apply to an agency and must apply to Adoption Information Services.

Apply to Adoption Information Services

Under the Adoption Act 1984 you must have an interview with a case manager from Adoption Information Services prior to receiving your records, unless you can demonstrate that you have already established contact with your child.

When you make an application the case manager will also check the Adoption Information Register.

Apply for records from an adoption agency

If the adoption agency that arranged your adoption is still an approved adoption agency, they can provide you with your adoption records. This includes agencies where the agency has merged with another or the agency has changed names. For example, the adoption records created by St Joseph's Babies Home in Glenroy are now held by Catholic Care.

If the adoption agency that arranged your adoption has ceased to arrange adoptions, you need to apply for records through Adoption Information Services. Even if the adoption agency does continue to operate, you may choose to seek your records through Adoption Information Services.

You can out more about past adoption agencies on Find and Connect (External link).