The Victorian Government is proud to present two reports detailing the findings of studies undertaken as part of the Alcohol Point-of-Sale Promotions Project.

This project was funded by the Victorian Law Enforcement Drug Fund and aims to investigate the harms associated with point-of-sale promotions among young people and to propose solutions to address these harms.

Point-of-sale promotions refer to promotional materials that are found within stores or at venues at the point where a purchase is made. Point-of-sale promotions are designed to influence purchasing intentions and to create or maintain brand awareness.

The first report, Examination into the Nature and Extent of Point-of-Sale Alcohol Promotion at Retail Outlets in Victoria, details the findings of a 12 month study of 100 young people examining the impact of point-of-sale promotions on their purchasing and consumption behaviour.

The second report, Alcohol Point of Sale Promotion Study, focuses on the range, nature and extent of point-of-sale promotions in a peak drinking period and a non-peak drinking period, and describes the findings of an audit of the point-of-sale promotions in a sample of Victorian packaged liquor stores.

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