The Victorian Government is committed to implementing a voluntary pre-commitment scheme across Victoria no later than 2015–16 and sooner if practicable. In Victoria, pre-commitment will be available on all gaming machines and it will be voluntary for players to use.

Players will be able to choose whether or not they want to use pre-commitment and whether or not to set a limit on their gaming. Players who use pre-commitment when playing gaming machines will be able to track their play across all gaming machines in Victoria, even if they do not set a limit.

To inform implementation of the government’s pre-commitment policy a discussion paper was released for public comment on 4 November 2011. The paper sought comments from community, industry and other interested stakeholders on:

  • the proposed features and processes to provide pre-commitment
  • incentives and other factors to encourage players to use the technology
  • technical options for how pre-commitment could be implemented
  • options for who could be a pre-commitment provider.

Submissions in response to the discussion paper closed 2 December 2011. The discussion paper and all submissions received by the Department of Justice and Regulation are available below.

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