The Workplace Incidents Consultative Committee (WICC) launched on Thursday, 17 June 2021, strengthening the voice of Victorians who have been affected by a serious workplace incident.

WICC members came together for the first time to share their stories and discuss how they can meaningfully advise the government on important workplace safety reforms.   

The inaugural committee has 16 members, 15 of who have lived experience dealing with the impact of a serious workplace incident and the ongoing challenges of losing a loved one or suffering a serious injury or illness at work.

These members come from across metropolitan and regional Victoria and represent a diverse range of lived experience. The WICC also represents a diverse range of backgrounds and includes members who identify as having a disability and being culturally and linguistically diverse.  

Bronwyn Halfpenny MP, the Parliamentary Secretary for Workplace Safety, also sits on the committee as its government co-chair. A lived experience co-chair and deputy co-chair will also be elected from the committee’s membership soon. 

The committee will provide advice to the Minister for Workplace Safety on how best to support injured workers and their families, prevent serious workplace incidents and make Victorian workplaces safer.    

The government has provided $4 million over four years to support the work of the committee and put its recommendations into practice.   

This fund is part of the government’s $10 million package to increase the support available to workers and families who have been affected by serious workplace incidents and strengthen workplace safety laws. 

Members will be appointed for terms of three years and will meet at least four times a year.