Calcutta Sweepstakes are lotteries where the winner is determined by the outcome of a sporting contingency such as the Melbourne Cup. Usually, Calcutta Sweepstakes involve the auctioning of drawn tickets.

The Gambling Regulation Act 2003 requires clubs wishing to hold Calcutta Sweepstakes to obtain approval to do so.

Before you apply: Check if your club has a permit

Calcutta Sweepstakes Permits are issued on a perpetual basis. Before applying, use the attachment below to verify if a permit has already been issued to your club.

How to apply

If your club is not listed as a Calcutta Sweepstakes Permit holder, please proceed with your application by printing out the form below, completing all sections and sending the form to the address provided.

What you need:

  • A copy of your club’s current rules of constitution with your application
  • An application fee of $53.60 - cheques are to be made out to the Department of Justice and Regulation

Applications for approval need to be lodged with the Office of Racing no later than 28 days prior to the scheduled event.

Who to contact

For information regarding Calcutta Sweepstakes, please contact the Office of Racing:

Postal address:    PO Box 18055, Collins Street East, Melbourne VIC 8003
Phone:                 03 8684 1903
Fax:                     03 8684 1900

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