The Victorian Government’s Provisional Payments Pilot gives emergency services workers to access payments for mental health support while their WorkCover compensation claim is being determined.

If you have a work-related mental health injury, it’s important to get treatment early.

The pilot is available to eligible current and former emergency workers (including employees and volunteers) who have submitted a compensation claim to their employer for a mental health injury.

Within the Department of Justice and Community Safety, Corrections Victoria (Corrections and Detention Services) and Youth Justice employees (Correctional and Detention Services) are eligible to participate.

The pilot covers all reasonable medical treatment and services for related mental health injuries over a continuous 13-week period.

This may include visits to your general practitioner (GP), the cost of prescription medication, and visits to mental health professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists. You can choose your own medical provider under the pilot.

If you have recently submitted a claim or are intending to, you should speak to your employer or volunteer agency about whether you are eligible to participate in the pilot.

Workers whose claims are rejected will continue to receive payments for up to 13 weeks from the date they submitted their claim.

To find out more about the scheme visit the Provisional Payments Pilot webpage (External link).

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