Around 34,000 Victorian women celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time this year according to new figures released by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages today.

An average of 3100 first-time mothers have given birth every month in Victoria since Mother’s Day last year.

October was the most popular month for first-time mums, with more than 3300 births. August was close behind with more than 3200 first babies.

An average of 82 babies were born on Mother’s Day itself during the past five years, with a peak of 99 Mother’s Day births in 2013.

Around 33,500 Victorian mothers have also had an additional child since Mother's Day last year.

“The arrival of a new child is a wonderful occasion, especially for first-time mothers,” said Births, Deaths and Marriages Registrar James Lawson.

"We encourage all parents to give their babies the best possible start in life by remembering to register their child’s birth as soon as possible."

Parents have 60 days to register a new baby in Victoria, which is a legal requirement. There is no charge for registration.

Registering a birth helps parents to exercise their rights and responsibilities in relation to their child, and enables young people to access their own record once they are 18.

Registration is also an important step in obtaining a birth certificate, which is often needed as proof of identity for many purposes such as accessing government assistance and services, enrolling in school and applying for a passport or driver's licence.

The fee for a standard birth certificate is $32.40.

Victorian parents also have the option of ordering a special commemorative birth certificate to mark the arrival of their new baby.

The Registry’s commemorative certificates come in a range of themes, including Victorian flora and fauna, the Chinese Year of the Dog, and Victorian Aboriginal Heritage.

"Our beautiful commemorative certificates reflect Victoria’s wonderful diversity and make a great gift for Mother’s Day," Mr Lawson said.

Information about registering a birth is available at the Births, Deaths and Marriages website (External link) and information about commemorative birth certificates (External link) is also available.