Victorians can now easily report graffiti after the launch of a new database and easy-to-use app.

The Victorian Graffiti Register (VICGR) enables users, such as council workers or members of the public, to record graffiti via the app or website, as soon as they see it and while they’re on the move.

It will also enable councils to identify specific problem taggers or identify graffiti hotspots and report them to Victoria Police for further investigation.

Investigators will have access to real-time event data on the number of graffiti offences, types of graffiti incidents, hot-spot mapping, images of the tag, costs to remove the graffiti and the contact information of property owners.

The register was commissioned by the Victorian Graffiti Interest Network, made up of representatives from Victorian councils, state government agencies, Victoria Police and utility providers, in conjunction with the Municipal Association of Victoria.

The database was designed specifically to meet the needs of councils and police to record and share information on graffiti incidents, and it will enable a more consistent approach to the reporting, recording, eradication (cleaning), enforcement and education around graffiti.  

The register was introduced to councils in September 2020 and there are already eight councils using the program, with many others engaging with the provider and Graffiti Interest Network members.

The Victorian Government provided $69,233 in funding towards the development of the register through the Community Crime Prevention Program, which has seen more than $45 million invested in almost 800 projects since 2015 to support local communities to prevent crime and improve community safety.

You can visit the Victorian Graffitti Register website (External link)  and the VICGR app is available at Apple and Android app stores.