Our executive

The Justice Senior Executive Group is the peak body in the department corporate governance structure, advising the Secretary on the management and administration of the department to ensure compliance with government directives, guidelines and legislation. It is responsible for integrating governance functions across the department and working collaboratively with portfolio agencies.

Justice Senior Executive Group membership

  • Greg Wilson, Secretary
  • Tony Bates, Lead Deputy Secretary, Police, Emergency Management and Corrections
  • Andreas Mansour, Director, Office of the Secretary
  • Miya Chiba, Executive Director, People and Culture
  • Kylie Kilgour, Deputy Secretary, Criminal Justice Strategy and Co-ordination
  • Ryan Phillips, Deputy Secretary, Criminal Law Policy and Operations
  • Julia Griffith, Deputy Secretary, Youth Justice
  • Kate Houghton, Deputy Secretary, Police and Crime Prevention
  • Marisa De Cicco, Acting Deputy Secretary, Emergency Management and Acting Chief Executive, Emergency Management Victoria
  • Simon Cohen, Deputy Secretary, Regulation and Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Carolyn Gale, Deputy Secretary, Service Strategy Reform
  • Donald Speagle, Deputy Secretary, Civil Justice
  • Shaun Condron, Deputy Secretary, Finance Infrastructure and Governance
  • Emma Cassar, Commissioner, Corrections Victoria
  • Cate Carr, Executive Director, Liquor, Gaming and Racing
  • Jodi Henderson, Executive Director, North Area
  • Leanne Barnes, Executive Director, West Area and Barwon South West Region
  • Dr Peter Ewer,  Executive Director, North West Metropolitan Area
  • Gabrielle Levine, Executive Director, South Area and South East Metropolitan Region
  • Christopher Breitkreuz, Chief Finance Officer, Finance, Infrastructure and Governance.

Our ministers

The department and its Secretary are responsible to six ministers who cover the following portfolios:

  • The Hon Martin Pakula MP: Attorney General and Minister for Racing
  • The Hon Lisa Neville MP: Minister for Police
  • The Hon Gayle Tierney MP: Minister for Corrections
  • The Hon James Merlino MP: Minister for Emergency Services
  • The Hon Marlene Kairouz MP: Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation
  • Jenny Mikakos MP: Minister for Families and Children.

Below is link to a visual representation of our organisational structure, showing how business areas are distributed across the divisions and regional networks within the department.

Download a chart of the department's organisational structure

You can also:

  • view details of the department's statutory entities
  •  contact us to reach the department's business areas, statutory entities or service locations.