The procurement of goods and services by the department aligns to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) (External link) policies and directives established under the Financial Management Act 1994.

In October 2014, the VGPB introduced the statewide procurement reform which supports a strategic and efficient approach to procurement that better enables us to deliver value for money when delivering goods and services to Victorians.

To support this initiative the department will deliver an effective and efficient system of procurement that:

  • is responsive to the Victorian public’s needs
  • interacts professionally with the market
  • offers value for money outcomes
  • acts with integrity
  • is seen by the public as fair, transparent and equitable
  • will deliver cost savings to the department and taxpayers.

The department's general conditions for the provision of services and goods are also available.

Submitting a tender offer 

Suppliers interested in participating in any of the public procurement activities should visit the Tenders Vic website (External link) and register as a user for the Victorian Government Tenders System to set up email notifications for tender opportunities.

Registered users can view tender information and download relevant documentations, register for briefings and submit tender responses electronically.

For more information on submitting a tender offer:

Procurement activities register

The Procurement Activity Register for 2017/18 is listed below. This register was last updated as of 4 October 2018.

The list is the department’s response to the VGPB’s procurement governance framework (External link) which stipulates that the department will publish a high-level summary plan of its forecast public procurement activities over the next 12 to 18 month period.

Please note that:

  • tenders will not be released on this website. All tenders will be issued on the Victorian Government Tenders System (Tenders Vic website (External link)). Suppliers interested in participating in any of the public procurement activities should regularly monitor the Tenders Vic website (External link)
  • the date listed in the procurement activity register documents when the department is planning to commence its preparations for the procurement activity. The actual tender’s release date may be some time after the date listed.
  • all forecast procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The procurement activity register is provided for information only and does not present a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the department to purchase the described goods or services. There is no obligation to respond to or return any unsolicited bids received.

Procurement activity register

Division # Procurement initiative (project description) Complexity segment Estimated procurement commencement date * Estimated contract award date Expected contract length Status
Emergency Management Victoria SI-027 Victorian Emergency Management Institute (VEMI), Mt Macedon - Hospitality Services Leverage Apr-17 Feb-18 5 years Closed
Criminal Justice WC-004 Card and Letter Production Transactional Apr-17 Feb-18 3 years Closed
Police and Corrections CV-177 Post Release Services Program Strategic Apr-17 May-18 4 years Closed
Emergency Management Victoria REQ0293 Community Fire Refuges - Telecommunication Services Focus Apr-19 Jun-19 4 years Registered
Youth Justice 13 Naloxone trial evaluation Leverage Aug-17 Jul-19 1 year Closed
Youth Justice REQ0142 Provision of glass and window protection services Focus Aug-18 Jan-19 3 years Closed
Police and Corrections CV-117 Supply of Feed and Fodder for Prison Industries Leverage Dec-16 Nov-18 3 years Closed
Finance, Infrastructure and Governance RS-028 Provision of Waste Management Services Leverage Dec-16 Mar-18 4 years Closed
Emergency Management Victoria REQ0098 Supplementary Alerting Service (SA) for regional emergency alerting applications Leverage Dec-17 Jun-19 4 years Closed
Services Strategy Reform PC-018 Sourcing a new Occupational Health and Safety Management System (Incident recording and reporting) Focus Dec-17 July-18 4 years Closed