Victoria statistics - drowning incidents

Source: Life Saving Victoria

  • 75,000 babies were born in Victoria in 2015.
  • Children aged 0-4 years make up 6 per cent of the Victorian population.
  • In 2015-16, children aged 0-4 years represented 13 per cent of drowning deaths in Victoria.
  • In 2005-2015, there were 20 hospital admissions and 34 emergency department presentations due to a drowning incident.
  • On average, 4 children died due to drowning each year.
  • Almost two thirds of fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents in children (0-4 years) occur in the home, in backyard swimming pools, bathtubs and dams.
  • 40 per cent of fatal drowning incidents of children (0-4 years) occur in home pools.
  • 37 per cent of non-fatal drowning incidents of cihldren (0-4 years) occur in home pools.
  • Lack of parental supervision is a factor in all fatal drownings.
  • The sooner CPR is started the better the chances of survival.

National statistics - drowning incidents

Source: Royal Life Saving Australia

  • There were 21 drowning deaths in children aged 0-4 years in 2015-16.
  • 71 per cent of these deaths were male.
  • 52 per cent of incidents were in swimming pools.


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