For a range of reasons a parent may consider placing their child for adoption.

If you're considering having your child raised by another family, it's essential that you understand all your options. Adoption is permanent, so before deciding on adoption you need to consider other choices for the care of your child.

Before you decide to go ahead, you need information and support.

Adoption counselling

Some parents have made a clear decision about adoption. Others may need more information before they are confident to make a decision. 

Options counselling is a good way of working through the information and feelings that might impact on your decision. If you are considering adoption, a counsellor will support you with information to help you make this decision. 

Counselling can begin at any time, before or after the child is born. You cannot give consent to the adoption until 16 days after your child’s birth.

To get counselling and information, contact one of the agencies that provide options counselling.

Agencies providing options counselling

Tel: (03) 9689 3888
Email: (External link)

Tel: (03) 8792 8999
Email: (External link)

Tel: (03) 5337 3333
Email: (External link)

Alternatively, you can contact Adoption Information Services.

Adoption Information Services

Email: (External link)
Tel: (03) 8608 5700 (local call costs) and request a call back.

You can also talk to someone you trust, like a hospital case manager, who'll make enquiries for you. The adoption service will then contact you.

All contact is confidential.

A range of services that provide information about pregnancy options and sexual health in Victoria can be found at My Options (External link).

What happens if I choose to proceed

Once you sign consent, there is also a period of time during which it can be withdrawn or extended. 

If you do go ahead with the adoption, you will have the opportunity for ongoing contact with your child after adoption

Contact Adoption Information Services (External link)