The Land Use Activity Regime Policy explains the simplified alternative to the future acts regime of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). It provides procedural rights for recognised traditional owner groups over certain land use activities that occur on areas of public land.

Land Use Activity Regime Policy

A copy of the Land Use Activity Regime Policy, approved in 2012, is attached below. A First Principles Review commenced in February 2020 between the State and Traditional Owner representatives. Its terms of reference include this Policy. Changes to this Policy may be made in response to the Review.


Traditional Owner Settlement (Negotiation Costs) Regulations 2015

These regulations prescribe the method for calculating reasonable cost of negotiating under a Land Use Activity Agreement.

You can:

Traditional Owner Settlement Regulations 2017

These regulations prescribe the matters which must be addressed by the Responsible Person in notification of a Negotiation land use activity or an Agreement land use activity. They also specify that an objection to an application for an enforcement order may be made within 15 business days.

You can view the Traditional Owner Settlement Regulations 2017 (External link) on the Victorian Legislation website.

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