Taungurung Land & Waters Council logo - First people of the rivers and mountainsThe Taungurung Land Use Activity Agreement (LUAA) sets out standard Conditions for exploration, retention and prospecting authorisations.

Where applicants accept these conditions in writing, the issuing of such authorisations is a Routine activity. If these conditions are not accepted, it would be a Negotiation (Class A) activity.

The conditions are found in Schedule 4 of the LUAA. This web page summarises key aspects of the conditions, but applicants and Earth Resources staff handling those applications should read Schedule 4 in full.

Period of operation

The Taungurung Land and Waters Council (TLaWC) and the State have agreed that the standard ERIA Conditions in Schedule 4 will be in place for 18 months from 11 August 2020, the deate when the LUAA commenced. 

After that time, either:

  • they will be replaced with a new set of Conditions, or
  • the granting of exploration, retention and prospecting licences will revert to being Negotiation (Class A) activities.

What the Standard ERIA Conditions cover

Broadly speaking, the Conditions set out requirements regarding:

  • minimising interference with the Traditional Owners’ entry, occupation and use of the land in exercise of their Traditional Owner rights
  • consulting with the TLaWC throughout the period of the authorisation, keeping them informed, and providing various kinds of information
  • paying specified amounts to TLaWC (upfront, annual or per-activity).

What kinds of ERIAs have these Standard Conditions?

The Earth Resource or Infrastructure Authorisations (ERIAs) to which these Conditions may apply include:

  • an exploration licence, prospecting licence or retention licence granted under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990
  • an exploration permit or retention lease granted under the Petroleum Act 1998, Geothermal Energy Resources Act 2005, or Greenhouse Gas Geological Sequestration Act 2008
  • a special access authorisation or a special drilling authorisation granted under the Petroleum Act 1998
  • a greenhouse gas assessment permit, greenhouse gas holding lease, petroleum exploration permit or petroleum retention lease granted under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2010
  • any other authorisation granted under these Acts for the purpose of exploration.