Mingu Gadhaba: Beginning Together was the department's first Koori Inclusion Action Plan, running from 2012-2016.

You can also find the department's current Koori Inclusion Action Plan Yarrwul Loitjba Yapaneyepuk - Walk the Talk Together on this website. 

Mingu Gadhaba: Beginning Together, the Department of Justice and Regulation's Koori Inclusion Action Plan, aimed to improve access, participation and effectiveness of justice programs and services to Koories, in order to deliver improved outcomes to the Victorian Koori community.

The development of Mingu Gadhaba commenced in January 2012 and involved an extensive consultation process with a large number of staff from across all divisions and regions of the organisation.

For further information on Mingu Gadhaba, please contact the Koori Justice Unit (External link)

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