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  • Our ministers
  • Our board
  • Portfolio agencies and entities

Our ministers

The department and its Secretary are responsible to the ministers who cover the following portfolios:

  • Jaclyn Symes MP, Attorney-General, Minister for Emergency Services
  • Hon Anthony Carbines MP, Minister for Police, Minister for Crime Prevention, Minister for Racing
  • The Hon. Enver Erdogan MLC, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Youth Justice, Minister for Victim Support
  • The Hon Melissa Horne MP, Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation

Our board

The Board of Management is the peak body in the department corporate governance structure, advising the Secretary on the management and administration of the department to ensure compliance with government directives, guidelines and legislation. It is responsible for integrating governance functions across the department and working collaboratively with portfolio agencies.

  • Kate Houghton, Secretary
  • Ryan Phillips, Associate Secretary
  • Corinne Cadilhac, Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services and Infrastructure
  • Nicola Brown, Deputy Secretary, People, Safety, Culture and Communications
  • Adrian Sculthorpe, Deputy Secretary, Aboriginal Justice
  • Jodi Henderson, Deputy Secretary, Youth Justice
  • Emma Catford, Deputy Secretary, Corrections and Justice Services
  • Bill Kyriakopoulos, Deputy Secretary, Police, Racing, Victims and Coordination
  • Toby Hemming, Deputy Secretary, Integrity, Regulation and Legal Services
  • Marian Chapman, Deputy Secretary, Courts, Civil and Criminal Law 
  • Kate Fitzgerald, Deputy Secretary, Emergency Management

Portfolio agencies and entities

The following portfolio agencies and entities are supported administratively by Department of Justice and Community Safety.



Statutory offices:

  • Chief Examiner and Examiner (jointly administered with the Minister for Police)
  • Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation (jointly administered with the Attorney-General of New South Wales)
  • Crown Counsel
  • Crown Prosecutors
  • Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC)
  • Police Informants Royal Commission Implementation Monitor
  • Public Advocate
  • Public Interest Monitor and Deputy Public Interest Monitors
  • Solicitor-General
  • Victims of Crime Commissioner (jointly administered with the Minister for Victims Support)
  • Victorian Legal Services Commissioner
  • Victorian Inspectorate
  • Victorian Ombudsman

Administrative offices:

  • Local Government Inspectorate (Chief Municipal Inspector)
  • Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office 

Statutory authorities:

  • Appeal Costs Board
  • Coronial Council of Victoria
  • Court Services Victoria
  • Judicial College of Victoria
  • Judicial Commission of Victoria Board
  • Judicial Entitlements Panel
  • Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee
  • Legal Services Council (Uniform Legal Services Regulation) (jointly administered with the Attorney-General of New South Wales)
  • Forensic Leave Panel
  • Office of Public Prosecutions
  • Office of the Special Investigator
  • Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
  • Sentencing Advisory Council
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Rules Committee
  • Victims of Crime Consultative Committee (jointly administered with the Minister for Victim Support)
  • Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
  • Victoria Law Foundation
  • Victoria Legal Aid
  • Victoria Legal Aid Panel of Independent Reviews
  • Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
  • Victorian Law Reform Commission
  • Victorian Legal Services Board
  • Victorian Legal Admissions Board
  • Victorian Professional Standards Council

Judicial and quasi-judicial bodies

  • Children’s Court of Victoria
  • Coroners Court of Victoria
  • County Court of Victoria
  • Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
  • Supreme Court of Victoria
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (jointly administered with the Minister for Victim Support)

Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation

Statutory offices:

  • Special Manager for Crown Melbourne Limited (Crown Melbourne)

Statutory authorities and advisory bodies:

  • Independent Review Panel
  • Liquor Control Advisory Council
  • Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council
  • Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission
  • Victorian Liquor Commission
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation


Statutory authorities:

  • Adult Parole Board
  • Post Sentence Authority

Crime Prevention

There are no portfolio agencies and statutory authorities associated with the Crime Prevention portfolio.


Emergency Services

Statutory offices:

  • Emergency Management Commissioner
  • Fire Services Implementation Monitor
  • Fire Rescue Commissioner and Deputy Fire Rescue Commissioners
  • Inspector-General for Emergency Management

Statutory authorities:

  • Country Fire Authority
  • Country Fire Authority Appeals Commission 
  • Emergency Management Victoria
  • Emergency Recovery Victoria
  • Fire District Review Panel
  • Fire Rescue Victoria
  • Fire Rescue Victoria Appeals Commission
  • Fire Rescue Victoria Strategic Advisory Committee
  • Triple Zero Victoria
  • Victoria State Emergency Service Authority 


Statutory offices:

  • Chief Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Police
  • Chief Examiner and Examiner (jointly administered with the Attorney-General)

Statutory authorities:

  • Firearms Appeals Committee
  • Police Registration and Services Board
  • Road Safety Camera Commissioner
  • Road Safety Camera Commissioner Reference Group

Portfolio agencies:

  • Victoria Police


Statutory offices

  • Harness Racing Victoria
  • Racing Integrity Commissioner

Statutory authorities

  • Greyhound Racing Victoria
  • Victorian Racing Integrity Board

Quasi-judicial bodies

  • Victorian Racing Tribunal

Statutory offices

  • Victims of Crime Commissioner (jointly administered with the Attorney-General)
  • Victims of Crime Consultative Committee (jointly administered with the Attorney-General)

Youth Justice

Statutory authorities

  • Youth Parole Board