Social media is one of the many ways you can connect with us.

The department participates on social media to:

  • listen and engage with online communities
  • join conversations and participate in supporting open and transparent government
  • provide information and broadcast community announcements
  • get feedback and field questions from users.

Come and join us!

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Our social media policy

The Department Social Media Policy is the official policy for social media use at the department and provides guidance for departmental employees and external contractors on their professional and personal use of social media, including details on:

  • responsibilities as a public sector employee
  • definitions of social media
  • authorisation to comment
  • moderation policy.

Social media community guidelines

It’s important that our online communities are safe, respectful and constructive.

We ask that all participants follow our community guidelines.

  • Do not promote misleading or incorrect advice or information.
  • Be respectful of others and their opinions.
  • Do not engage in offensive, harassing or discriminatory behaviour.
  • Do not make personal attacks.
  • Post using your own name and include your name in your social media profile. We may delete comments from anonymous, misleading or suspicious profile names.
  • Do not post off-topic, inflammatory, repetitive, offensive, defamatory or inappropriate comments.
  • Do not share any personal or sensitive information about yourself or others. We may ask you to take the conversation offline if it is of a sensitive nature.
  • Do not post unlawful information or encourage others to engage in unlawful activity. Unlawful activity can be breach of copyright, defamation, contempt of court etc.
  • Do not encourage activities which could endanger the safety or wellbeing of others.
  • Do not post or share spam, advertisements, offers or any other commercial information. 

Behaviour which does not follow the above community guidelines will not be tolerated. Comments from users who violate these guidelines may be deleted. Users who violate these guidelines may be banned from the department’s channels.

The department’s social media channels are monitored 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.