Community Correctional Services (CCS) staff are positive, compassionate and supportive role models to people who have offended.

Our work

We manage and supervise offenders who are serving community orders imposed by the courts and the Adult Parole Board. We contribute to the safety of the community by:

  • applying practices that reduce reoffending
  • connecting people to important programs and services.

Who we work with

We work with people who must be supervised within the community. This includes people on parole, as well as people on court and post sentence supervision orders.

These people have often faced traumatic life experiences. They may have:

  • suffered physical and sexual abuse
  • grown up with few positive role models
  • suffered from or witnessed substance abuse.

These experiences can cause anti-social behaviours or self-protection strategies, resulting in criminal actions.

We address these underlying behaviours to help offenders make a better life for themselves.

How we work with offenders

Keeping individuals in custody is a last resort. When a person's risk profile allows it, community-based rehabilitation is more effective in addressing offending behaviour than imprisonment.

Our work is a combination of:

  • rehabilitation
  • managing risk
  • ensuring compliance with court orders.

We encourage offenders to build and strengthen personal and professional relationships. We help them develop the life skills they need to make more positive choices and avoid reoffending.