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Postal address
RGMAC Secretariat, Office of Liquor and Gaming
PO Box 18055 Collins Street East

Established in 2004, the Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council (the council) is the pre-eminent source of stakeholder advice to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation on responsible gambling. The Victorian Government, through the minister, seeks the council's advice on how to ensure the Victorian gambling industry operates responsibly and sustainably, in a way that minimises the harm from problem gambling, while creating an environment where those who gamble safely are permitted to do so.

Structure and support

The council consists of members appointed by the minister and reflects a diverse range of skills, expertise and backgrounds. The council establishes a number of working groups to assist in developing its advice on specific initiatives or projects to the minister. The Office of Liquor and Gaming provides secretariat support to the council.

Activities and aims

The council provides advice on:

  • the development and implementation of responsible gambling policies and initiatives to ensure a socially responsible and sustainable industry
  • the social and economic issues associated with problem gambling
  • emerging trends and issues in relation to gambling products and behaviours
  • gambling research.

Membership of the council

The council consists of members drawn mainly from industry, academia, local government and community groups. Members are selected for appointment based on their understanding of gambling and community issues, their understanding of public policy and their ability to contribute constructively to the work of the council.