Payment plans

An individual or company can apply to you to pay their infringement stage fines:

  • with an extension of time
  • by instalments, or
  • a combination of both.

While offering a payment plan is generally discretionary, you must offer one to people that meet the eligibility criteria under the Attorney-General’s Guidelines to the Infringements Act 2006 (the guidelines).

Payment arrangements

Payment arrangements are like payment plans but they are assessed and managed by the Director of Fines Victoria. They enable a person to consolidate all their fines into one arrangement as they can include fines:

  • from different enforcement agencies
  • at different stages of the lifecycle
  • issued by a court.

Referring infringement stage fines for payment arrangements

You can refer an infringement stage fine to the Director for a payment arrangement if a person:

  • requests their fine to be referred
  • requests a payment plan (your agency can choose to refer the fine).

If a person would benefit from a payment arrangement, and has requested one, you should refer the fine. You should also advise people that payment arrangements are available to them – for example, by including information on your website.

Benefits of referring fines for payment arrangements

Payment arrangements can benefit you in the following ways:

  • There is no cost to refer a fine for a payment arrangement.
  • By consolidating a person’s fines into one arrangement, they are more likely to pay.
  • They are an alternative way to meet your obligations for mandatory payment plans under the guidelines.
  • They allow you to fulfil a person’s request to pay by instalments if you do not offer them.
  • They provide a more viable option for vulnerable community members and people experiencing financial hardship.

How to refer a fine for a payment arrangement

You can refer a person’s fines by:

Fines Victoria will disburse money to agencies for both referred fines and registered fines.

Fines that are removed from a payment arrangement

If a person requests a fine to be removed from their payment arrangement, or their payment arrangement is cancelled, the fine will be referred back to you as unpaid. You can then choose to continue to enforce the fine.

If you withdraw a referred fine, you must request Fines Victoria to remove it from the payment arrangement.

Extended periods

If a payment arrangement is cancelled, or the person requests a fine to be removed from it, you have an additional 6 months from the date of the cancellation or removal to:

  • commence a proceeding for the offence, or
  • register the fine with the Director for enforcement.

More information

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