In Victoria, there are several restrictions on the number of gaming machines and their locations. These measures are aimed at controlling access to gambling opportunities, particularly in areas considered vulnerable to problem gambling. 

Number of machines

The total number of gaming machines in Victoria is capped at 30,000. Each gaming venue, excluding the Melbourne casino which has a limit of no more than 2,500 machines, is limited to 105 gaming machines.

Overall distribution of machines

The distribution of gaming machines in Victoria is limited by requirements that:

  • at least 20 per cent of all gaming machines must be outside the Melbourne metropolitan area
  • 50 per cent of all gaming machines must be in hotels, and the other 50 per cent in clubs

Regional caps

Regional caps seek to limit access to gambling opportunities in vulnerable communities across Victoria. The boundaries for capped regions are based on local government boundaries. There are currently 20 capped regions.

The cap has been set at ten gaming machines per thousand adults or the existing density of gaming machines in the region when the caps were applied, whichever is lower.    

Limit on 24-hour venues

Twenty-four-hour trading is prohibited for all venues, other than the Melbourne casino.