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Youth Justice Custodial Services aim to engage young people in change by addressing their offending behaviour and equipping them with the skills required for positive community participation, within a safe and secure environment.

The two Youth Justice Custodial Precincts in Victoria are managed by the department.

Malmsbury Youth Justice Precinct is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Melbourne. Malmsbury Youth Justice Precinct accommodates young men aged 15-20 years when remanded or sentenced to a Youth Justice Centre Order in a mixture of low and high security residential units.

Parkville Youth Justice Precinct is located in the inner northern Melbourne suburb of Parkville, approximately five kilometres from the central business district. Parkville Youth Justice Precinct accommodates:

  • 10-14 year old males (remanded or sentenced)
  • 15-18 year old young men (remanded or sentenced)
  • 10-17 year old females (remanded or sentenced)
  • 18-21 year old women sentenced to a Youth Justice Centre Order by the Magistrates', County and Supreme Courts.

Youth Justice Custodial Services aim to ensure:

  • safe and secure youth justice custodial facilities for young people and staff
  • young people are rehabilitated with reduced likelihood of further offending
  • factors associated with offending are addressed through evidence-based programs
  • young people with complex and challenging behaviours are provided with integrated and well coordinated services that meet their individual needs.

Drone ban near Victorian correctional and youth justice facilities

From 1 February, 2018 it became an offence under Victorian law to possess or operate a remotely piloted aircraft above or near a correctional facility or youth justice facility.