Please refer to the guidelines below before you submit an invoice to ensure payments can be made as quickly as possible.

Before submitting an invoice

Suppliers need to provide the following information for invoices to be processed. If you do not provide this information, the invoice will need to be returned.

We recommend contacting the staff member of the department who made the purchase to confirm details before you submit your invoice.

Check that:

1. The invoice complies with Australian Taxation Office requirements

You can find out more about invoice requirements on the ATO’s website (External link).

2. The invoice is addressed to the correct organisation

The department processes invoices addressed to the:

  • Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR)
  • Court Service Victoria (CSV)

Please note that some agencies within the department process their invoices separately and are not covered by these guidelines. You can see the list at the end of this page under Related agencies.

3. The invoice references the person within the department who placed the order

Details may include:

  • the full name of the person or their email address
  • the purchase order number allocated to the purchase.

The purchase order number has 6 digits and will be in the following format:

  • for Department of Justice and Regulation purchases 6XXXXX
  • for Court Service Victoria purchases 4XXXXX.

4. Your contact and email addresses are accurate

For the department to pay an invoice, a supplier must provide the following details:

  • bank (electronic funds transfer or EFT) details
  • email address
  • contact details

You can update your details by:

5. The invoice has not been submitted previously

If you submit multiple copies of an invoice, it will increase the time it takes for it to be processed and may delay payment. If you have any questions regarding payment of an invoice that has previously been submitted please see the contact details under Payment queries.

Submitting an invoice

By email

You can submit an invoice (in a PDF file format) to the following email address - (External link).

Please note this automated email inbox is for invoice submissions only. If you have a query about an invoice or payment please see the contact details under Payment queries.

By post

You can submit an invoice by post using one of the following addresses.

For Department of Justice and Regulation invoices

Department of Justice and Regulation
Invoice Management Team
PO Box 1790
Melbourne VIC 3000

For Court Services Victoria invoices

Court Services Victoria
Invoice Management Team
PO Box 1790
Melbourne VIC 3000

Payment of invoices

The department pays invoices by Electronic Funds Transfer.

You can supply your EFT details by:

Payment queries

If you have a query regarding an invoice or payment, you can:

You can also find out more by reading the department’s general conditions for the provision of services and goods

Invoice-related documents

You can download the following documents:

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Get Adobe® Acrobat® Reader (External link)

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