YourPlay is the state-wide pre-commitment scheme that empowers players to make informed decisions about their gaming machine play.

YourPlay is available on all electronic gaming machines operating in Victoria, including those at the Melbourne casino. YourPlay does not affect the way a gaming machine operates.

What do venues need to do?

Every gaming machine in your venue must have YourPlay hardware and software installed and working.

There are financial penalties if your venue does not comply.

Further information about the technical standards and requirements for YourPlay can be found on the pre-commitment section of the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) website (External link).

What do staff need to do to support YourPlay?

Staff should complete training to learn about YourPlay and be able to help customers use it. 

Introductory online staff training for YourPlay is available from Intralot. The training takes around 25 minutes to complete. Staff are issued a certificate on completion. 

Please contact (External link)and you will be provided with a training weblink and log in details. 

What brochures do I need to display?

Certain brochures must be displayed in every venue.

These are set out standards published by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission. Please refer to the Commission’s website for further information about the brochures that must be displayed (External link).

All brochures are available from the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission. The factsheet 'YourPlay venue support materials' outlines what each brochure looks like, how to order copies and where brochures should be displayed.

Where can I find out more about player cards?

YourPlay is a card-based system, so it is important player cards are readily available, correctly encoded and valid (not expired).

Resources below will provide you with information about player cards, branding, and how to check if a card is valid.

Where can I find out more about using the YourPlay logo?

The YourPlay logo is trademarked. The 'YourPlay branding guidelines' below tell you when and how venues can use the YourPlay logo.

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