Nine Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees (RAJACs) have been established throughout Victoria, each of which is serviced by a full-time executive officer who manages the day-to-day activities and planning requirements for the committee and reports to the regional director.

RAJAC executive officers are based in the regional offices, supporting the department's regional model to improve government service delivery and accessibility to meet the needs of Victoria’s diverse and growing community.

The RAJAC network is based on recommendation two of the final report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (External link).

The role and responsibilities of RAJACs are to:

  • advocate for and promote improved justice outcomes and Koori justice initiatives to both Koori communities and government agencies
  • develop and implement regional justice plans that address Koori over-representation
  • promote and participate in cross agency and partnership forums, such as the Aboriginal Justice Forum, and other initiatives to address Koori disadvantage
  • work with other regional Koori advocacy groups
  • monitor and comment on Koori contact with the justice system at a regional and statewide level
  • promote and nurture the Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committees, providing advocacy for them at the regional level
  • participate in the assessment process for government grant funding applications for Koori justice-related programs
  • aiding in the successful delivery of Koori programs under the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement (AJA).

Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committees

Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committees (LAJACs) bring together local Koori community members and justice representatives in selected locations experiencing poor justice outcomes. LAJACs develop and guide responses to local justice issues and are coordinated by a full-time LAJAC Project Officer or by the relevant RAJAC Executive Officer.

RAJAC Executive Officers

Barwon South West RAJAC - Allan Miller 

Phone 03 5564 1003
Mobile 0417 112 779
Email (External link) 
Location Warrnambool Justice Service Centre

Eastern Metropolitan RAJAC - Samuel Nolan

Phone 03 8803 8406
Mobile 0431 832 885 
Email (External link)
Location Box Hill Regional Office

Gippsland RAJAC - Nicole LeSage

Phone 03 5116 5744
Mobile 0400 411 727
Email (External link)
Location  Morwell Regional Office

Grampians RAJAC - Matthew Graham

Phone 03 4301 7156
Mobile 0408 574 679 
Email (External link)
Location Ballarat Regional Office

Hume RAJAC - Krystal Atkinson

Phone 03 5858 7600
Mobile 0408 579 392                                            
Email (External link)
Location Shepparton Justice Service Centre

Loddon Mallee RAJAC - Paula Murray

Phone 03 5440 6100
Mobile 0458 367 019                                            
Email (External link)
Location Bendigo Regional Office

Northern Metropolitan RAJAC - Vicki Atkinson

Phone 03 9936 9292
Mobile 0418 333 391
Email (External link)
Location Broadmeadows Regional Office

Southern Metropolitan RAJAC - Amelia Seymour

Phone 03 8765 5245
Mobile 0438 504 826        
Email (External link)
Location Dandenong Regional Office

Western Metropolitan RAJAC - Anne-Maree Kirkman

Phone 03 9974 4577
Mobile 0448 366 984
Email (External link)
Location Carlton Justice Service Centre