In July 2011, Tabcorp Wagering (Vic) Pty Ltd (Tabcorp) was awarded the Wagering and Betting Licence (the Licence) for 12 years commencing in August 2012 and expiring on 15 August 2024. The Licence allows the licensee to conduct several gambling activities, including:

  • pari-mutuel and fixed odds betting
  • operating the only off-course wagering and betting retail network in Victoria
  • establishing and operating a betting exchange.

Current Wagering and Betting Licence

The licensing process is currently in progress. Please see the table below:

June 2023 The Licence Invitation to Apply (ITA) period closed on 15 June 2023. Submitted applications are now being reviewed and considered.
April 2023 The Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation formally invited select respondents to apply for the next Victorian Wagering and Betting Licence.
March 2023 The Wagering Betting Licensing Project provided advance notice to select Expression of Interest (EOI) respondents of the Minister’s intention to formally invite them to apply for a new licence.
August 2022 The EOI response period closed on 18 August 2022.
June 2022 The department requested EOI from suitable companies who wish to be invited to apply for the next Victorian Wagering and Betting Licence.

* table to be updated as process progresses.