A single 12-year wagering and betting licence was awarded to Tabcorp Wagering, and commenced in August 2012. The licence authorises the conduct of on-course and off-course wagering and betting on racing, sports and other approved events. The licensee will also be able to offer approved simulated racing games and operate a betting exchange.

Terms of Reference for review of the wagering and betting licence

The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, the Hon Marlene Kairouz MP, has approved Terms of Reference for a review of the wagering and betting licence. The Terms of Reference set out the high level framework for the conduct of the review.

The review will be conducted by the Gambling Licensing Program in the Department of Justice and Regulation, in consultation with the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Treasury and Finance.

You can read or download the Terms of Reference for the wagering and betting licence review

Discussion paper on wagering and betting licensing arrangements

In July 2018, the Gambling Licensing Program released a discussion paper on the wagering and betting licence. The purpose of the discussion paper was to seek views from industry and the community on current and future wagering and betting licensing arrangements.

You can access the discussion paper and read the submissions received in response at Engage Victoria (External link)