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On 21 February 2022, in a first for Victoria, the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Melissa Horne MP, granted Victoria’s Keno licences to both Tabcorp and Lottoland.

The licensees will be able to provide Keno online for the first time, as well as via traditional retail including eligible hotels, clubs, wagering outlets.

The two-licence model provides the most value to the Victorian public as well as being the most viable and attractive proposition for business, allowing Victorians and distributor venues to benefit from competition and innovation.

Premium payments and keno taxes are paid into the Consolidated Fund and then to the Hospitals and Charities Fund and the Mental Health Fund.

Stronger harm minimisation and consumer protection measures will be introduced to help promote responsible gambling for those who choose to play Keno in Victoria.

These measures come after the Victorian Government conducted a robust review into the future of Keno in Victoria, consulting with industry, community, and government stakeholders.

Under the changes, the Minister will be able to issue harm minimisation directions that would apply to both Victorian, and interstate, Keno Game Providers when providing Keno to people in Victoria.

The 20-year licence term will commence on 15 April 2022 after the current licence, awarded to Tabcorp in 2012, is set to expire.


Keno is a rapid-draw game in which a set of numbers is drawn through a random number generator from a pool of numbers. The numbers are then posted electronically in venues. A single 10-year licence to conduct and distribute keno games in eligible hotels, clubs and wagering outlets throughout Victoria was awarded to Tabcorp Investments No.5 Pty Ltd (External link), and commenced on 15 April 2012.

Keno licence review

The Minister approved Terms of Reference for a review of the keno licence. The Terms of Reference set out the high-level framework for the conduct of the review.

The review was conducted by the Gambling Licensing Program in the Department of Justice and Community Safety, in consultation with the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Treasury and Finance.

You can read or download the Terms of Reference for the review of the keno licence.