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On 7 August 2019, the Department for Justice and Community Safety requested expressions of interest (EOI) from suitable companies who wish to be considered to be invited to apply for the next Victorian keno licence.

View or download the Request (#EOI 002 19-20) from the Buying for Victoria website (External link)

The new keno licence will allow the licensee to:

  • conduct keno games in Victoria
  • distribute keno games in hotels, clubs and wagering outlets, and
  • distribute keno games electronically.

Interested parties will need to respond to the EOI request and demonstrate their suitability to operate keno.

As part of the response, interested parties will need to respond to a number of options currently being considered by the Department of Justice and Community Safety for the new keno licence in relation to the:

  • term of the licence
  • exclusivity of the licence. 

The department will evaluate submissions from each respondent and will report to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, the Hon Marlene Kairouz MP (Minister). The Minister may then invite selected Respondents to apply for the new keno licence.

The EOI response period closed at 2pm (AEST) on Thursday 3 October 2019.


Keno is a rapid-draw game in which a set of numbers is drawn through a random number generator from a pool of numbers. The numbers are then posted electronically in venues. A single 10-year licence to conduct and distribute keno games in eligible hotels, clubs and wagering outlets throughout Victoria was awarded to Tabcorp Investments No.5 Pty Ltd (External link), and commenced on 15 April 2012.

Keno licence review

The Minister approved Terms of Reference for a review of the keno licence. The Terms of Reference set out the high-level framework for the conduct of the review.

The review is being conducted by the Gambling Licensing Program in the Department of Justice and Community Safety, in consultation with the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Treasury and Finance.

You can read or download the Terms of Reference for the review of the keno licence.